The journey starts here. Learn how to fly from certified instructors. Cretan Paragliding offers basic and advance trainning courses.

Basic trainnig courses.
 Its the first contact with the sport of paragliding. At this courses, the student will get  the  theoritical knowledge and develop the basic skills to become a paragliding pilot. The proper basic trainning is the key,and the base that the student will build its flying career.
 The duration of the basic course is 7-14 days.Paragliding is 100% weather depended sport, so the actual duration may vary. School provides you with all the necessary equipment. You only need the willing learn how to fly!There are three main stages at the basic course.

  1. Groundhandling.
    Get know the parts of equipment. Learning the basic control technics on flat ground.
  2. Low Flights.
    After we complete the first stage, it follows the first low flights of a hill around 25m. At this point the student will learn how to take off and how to safely land after a few seconds flight close to the ground. The student is radio guiding by the instructor.
  3. High Flights
    After low flights and if your instructor judge that you are ready, its time for your high altitude flights. You'll fly from a mountain that the altitude diference from take off to landing field is more that 200m!There will be 4-6 high altitude flights.
     Those are flights from take off to landing and do some turns and maneuvres during flight. There is second instructor at the landing, to help for the landing approach.The student is radio guiding by the instructors.


Advance training courses
For pilots that have complete the basic course, Cretan Paraliding school offers variety of advance training courses. Soaring, thermaling,cross country and competition are some of them. For further details don't hesitate to contact us .