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30 minutes flight / 115€
15 minutes flight / 85€

At a glance

Total duration: 1:30 hour (trasportation from meetting point to take off-briefing-flight-trasportation from landing field to meetting point)
Availability: All year
Languages: English, Greek
Extras: Video and Photo
Cancellation: 1 day before it starts 100%, with no refunds after that.
People: Bookings more than one person, fly seperately, one person at the time.


Chania, Phalasarna, Heraklion, Hersonissos, Avdou, Crete


15 Minutes Flight (85€)

This is the basic package of flight! The journey begin here! The unique moment when one foot is on the ground and the next moment in the air!!

30 Minutes Flight (115€)

This is the long flight Package!
We’ll have the necessary time to thermal in greater altitudes and cruise more in the air! And if conditions are calm, you can take the control of the glider!

Paragliding is a 100% weather depended activity. Have in your mind that due to weather conditions, there might be some rescheduling if necessary.

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