Cretan Paragliding


Μοιράσου την χαρά, και θα επιστρέψει σε εσένα διπλή!

Αυτή ήταν η ιδέα που μας οδήγησε στην δημιουργία της σχολής αλεξιπτώτου πλαγιάς Cretan Paragliding το 2012. Για να μοιραστούμε το όνειρο που κάθε άνθρωπος έχεις κατα καιρούς. Οτι μπορεί να πετάξει. Δεν είναι ακατόρθωτο πια!
Η ομάδα της σχολής αποτελείτε απο πιστοποιημένους επαγγελματίες εκπαιδευτές, πιλότους διθέσιων και βοηθούς εκπαιδευτών

Η Cretan Paragliding είναι η μοναδική πιστοποιημένη σχολή στην Κρήτη απο την Ελληνική Αεραθλητική Ομοσπονδία, για να διεξάγει μαθήματα αλεξιπτώτου πλαγιάς και διθέσιες πτήσεις. Η έδρα μας είναι στα Χανιά, αλλά οργανώνουμε σχολές και πτήσεις στην ευρύτερη περιοχή της Κρήτης.
Ο εξοπλισμός της σχολής είναι πάντα καινούριος, και τον ανανεώνουμε συχνά ώστε να πληρεί τα αυστηρότερα κρητήρια ασφάλειας.

Η ομάδα της Cretan Paragliding

Yannis Katsandredakis

Founder / Instructor / Tandem pilot

Yannis is the founder of «Cretan Paragliding». He started to fly back in 2006 and since then he got hooked by the sport. He become a paragliding instructor by the Greek Air Sport Federation in 2012 and the same year he set up the Cretan Paragliding school. He participates in Greek and international competitions, and he has been many times on the podium and he is an active member of the National Greek Paragliding team. He enjoys to share the feeling of excitement and happiness that a flight offers. In his free time, he likes to hike, swim and sailing. But mostly, you will find him on the air!

Apostolis has been flying for only 2 years, but has learned very fast! He joined our team from the beginning. He is a live map and a guide  himself! While on our way up to take off, he will have started telling you everything you need to do for your duration of stay in Crete. Where to go, what to eat, what to see, and all this from the local’s point of view. A precious man. He loves to travel, meet new people, and fly!

Apostolis Mylonakis

Pilot / PR

Stavros Pentarakis

Instructor assistant / pilot

Stavros has been flying paragliders since 2005. His deep knowledge of the theoritical part of the flight is appreciated for the entire community of paragliding in Crete. You’ll always find him at the landing field helping the students for their final approach with his calm voice. In his free time he likes to hike, fish, cruise the big blue with his small boat and of course flying!