Paragliding Holidays

Have you ever thought to yourself about flying through the sky, and then peacefully gliding over a spectacular beach?
Or endless soaring above a famous beach, and then land after sunset to enjoy a cold cocktail at the bar?

Crete is the absolute paragliding destination!

“Cretan Paragliding” organizes your paragliding holidays, either if you are an experience pilot, or a novice one! Come and visit us to fly through the amazing landscapes of Crete.

Why Crete?

What we offer is a combination of paragliding and summer holidays.
Crete, is the biggest island of Greece with some of the most stunning beaches in the world, but at the same time with mountain ridges that reach 2450m.
Crete is also one of the most famous destinations in the world during summer for many reasons.

We added one more!
No matter where we fly from, the closest beach, is less than 30 minutes driving!
While you are doing your lovely sport, your family or friends that don’t fly, can lay on an exotic beach sunbathing, and you can join them right after your flight!

The general idea.

In a relaxed environment, we plan together every day our flying schedule according to the weather forecast. We do not just give you a weather briefing and tell you when and where not to fly. We actually fly with you on every flight, constantly supervising and coaching you by radio.
Our paragliding holidays are aimed at qualified pilots who are looking to combine their holidays with flights under supervision, increase confidence as well as improve general flying skills whilst learning more about flying.

The main goals of our guiding service are to:

  • Enable you to get the most out of your paragliding holiday and have fun in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Keep you safe by knowing the local area and weather and by flying with you.
  • Take away any stress and increase your flying confidence.
  • Coach you and improve your flying skills.

A stress-free paragliding holiday where we hope you will leave feeling that you are a better and happier pilot. We are waiting to share our skills and knowledge with you.

We offer a variety of alternative activities for the non-flying members of your group, in case they don’t want spend the day burning under the warm Greek sun.