Tandem Flight in Crete

Do you like outdoor activities, are you an adrenaline hunter, or you just want to elevate from the ground?
A tandem paragliding flight above Crete’s landscape is what you are looking for!

Every year hundreds visitors trust us to be in the air with us. Book a Tandem Paragliding flight now. The most simple, easy and safe way to get in the air! A unique feeling and an experience to remember for a life time!
You do not need to know about paragliding. The pilot will explain to you a few things in a short briefing before any flight, and the only thing you need, is to take some fast steps forward.
The moment where one step is on mother earth, and the next one in heaven we call air! In no time the glider will take us in the air, you will sit back in your comfortable harness and you will enjoy the view from above! The movement of the glider on the air is smooth until the time your feet touch the ground. Unless you ask from the pilot for some adrenaline. It is included in the price and it will be our pleasure to offer it to you 🙂

An adventure you have to live!

We offer 3 packages of flight.

  • 15 minutes flight
  • 30 minutes flight
  • Balos Lagoon flight with duration of more than an hour. Read below for details.

All the flights are recorded with HD go pro camera. You can decide if you want to buy the videos and photos after the flight for a fee.

Tandem flight spots

Falasarna Beach – Balos Lagoon

The highlight of the flying spots!

Falasarna is one of the most famous beaches in the world. It is less than an hour drive from Chania. It is a must to visit once you arrive on Crete. And there is nothing better to combine it with a tandem paragliding flight. We take off from a hill at 250m with the incredible view of that place, and we land on the beach, where the waves stop! There is nothing better than a beer or a swim in the clear cold waters of Falasarna after a flight.
From this spot if the weather is suitable, we offer the Balos Lagoon flight, that we soar above the world famous Balos Lagoon, where we reach an altitude of 800m, next to a vertical rocky cliff. It lasts almost an hour, and the view you are going to see, will remain in your mind forever. Look at our Photo Gallery to have an idea!

Heraklion – Avdou

A world famous flying spot. A region with its own climate, flyable almost the whole year. Great altitudes can be reached from here, and flying with vultures is a daily phenomenon.

This is a flying spot, mostly for those who want to try a tandem paragliding flight and stay in Heraklion, Hersonissos, Malia, and the surround region. The views are stunning right from the very beginning, with the beautiful artificial lake underneath us. On most days we gain an altitude greater than 1200m, that is very often on that spot, so you can see the city of Heraklion, Hersonissos, Malia, and all the north coast line of the region. And on the very best days, with a clear atmosphere, we can see Santorini as well!!

Chania – Varipetro

Our backyard mountain! Close to Chania, the mountain that every local pilot and student of our paragliding school makes his/her first flights!

A mainland mountain. With a height of almost 500m ASL you have the incredible view of the entire north coast line, Chania city, Souda bay, and a small lake. In that place we often can thermal and reach altitudes greater than 1000m.
Northern winds are required for a flight from Varipetro.
Bonus: There are days that local vultures come and fly with us. Their wing span is over 2.5m!

Gift voucher

Surprise your loved ones with a flight voucher! The best gift to anyone! An unforgettable tandem paragliding flight is highly appreciated by everyone who receives it.
Contact us to purchase a unique gift voucher for anyone to experience this amazing paragliding adventure.